Spring in Our Steps

Enhancing community connections in Cincinnati, by reclaiming alleys, sidewalks, and steps for the pedestrian.

Our Board

Current board members
Christian Huelsman (2012-present) – executive director/Step Up to Art collaborative
Warren LeMay (2018-present)
John David McCue (2019-present)
John Stork (2016-present)
Jenny Ustick (2015-present) – art manager/Step Up to Art collaborative
Nate Weyand-Geise (2020-present) – Peete Alley Rising project manager

Past board members
Joe Gayetsky (2013-2014)
Matt Jacob (2013-2016)
Kristen Race (2014-2016)
Jules Michael Rosen (2016-2020)
Pam Sattler (2012-2015)
Derek Scacchetti (2012-2015)
Diana Tisue (2012-2014)
Matt Weiss (2018-2019)

One comment on “Our Board

  1. Ann Caruso
    June 16, 2015

    Just met Christian at highland and think your mission is wonderful! Keep up the great work. I know it’s tiring but oh so worthwhile!
    He is a fabulous spokesperson.

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