Spring in Our Steps

Enhancing community connections in Cincinnati, by reclaiming alleys, sidewalks, and steps for the pedestrian.

Press + Exposure

September 26, 2013: KELLEY, Matt — WNKU (audio interview):
‘Spring in Our Steps’ is reclaiming Cincinnati’s pedestrian pathways’

August 28, 2013: TOTI, Paula — Local 12 News [WKRC-TV] (news story):
“Crime Victim Behind Local Cleanup Efforts”

May 2, 2013: GOODYEAR, Sarah — The Atlantic Cities:
“Stepping Up to Restore Cincinnati’s Neglected Pedestrian Stairways”

November 14, 2012: PLAN Cincinnati: Comprehensive Plan for the City of Cincinnati
“Partners in helping Cincinnati expand options for non-automotive travel”
CONNECT, p.134

June 6, 2012: ROSEN, Steven — The Cincinnati Enquirer:
“Queen City of stairs: 400 sets of steps offer challenging workouts with wonderful views”

May 18, 2012: SCHOTT, Seth — Over-the-Rhine Blog:
“OTR Update: See Cincinnati with New Eyes”
(Sighting of an SiOS flier in the CEOs for Cities “City as a Startup” video, shown at its annual meeting in Cincinnati)

April 3, 2012: COSTON, Casey — Soapbox Cincinnati:
“Soapdish: Step in time along hillside treks”

March 26, 2012: MARTIN, Sean — Sum Guy’s Queen City Blog:
“Clean-up Efforts Earn Visit from the Mayor”

March 22, 2012: SCHOTT, Seth — Over-the-Rhine Blog:
“Spring in Our Steps Cleanup III: Peete Alley at Vine Street”

March 14, 2012: SCHOTT, Seth — Over-the-Rhine Blog:
“Spring in Our Steps: A Citywide Initiative to Take Back Pedestrian Infrastructure”


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