Spring in Our Steps

Enhancing community connections in Cincinnati, by reclaiming alleys, sidewalks, and steps for the pedestrian.

Stepping Up in April

During most Aprils, individuals form groups and execute one feel-good project for Earth Day. Since we had completed three large alley cleanups, up to the month of April 2012, we decided to do something a bit more ambitious. For 30 days, we aimed to clean 30 hillside staircases in Cincinnati. Without any preconceptions, except for a fairly even mix of neighborhoods, we had no idea of the condition of most of our selections. Each staircase cleanup was performed from an hour-and-a-half to three hours, depending on who turned out.

As a result of these daily cleanups, we now have a loose inventory of which staircases need more attention. We plan to address them in various ways, such as return trips for cleanups and alerting the appropriate contacts for work detail assignment.

Our mission for Stepping Up in April was this: To show how much a few dedicated individuals can accomplish in one to two hours. Each of our days consist of some excuse as to why we should not donate our services to a community. We’re too tired, too busy, or too far away. As soon as we make that leap toward an act of altruism, the rest is history.

A resounding thanks to all who came out to support our efforts. We really could not have done it without you!













Our April 2012 Schedule:

Sat March 31: Emming Street Steps – CUF

Mon April 2: Liberty Street Steps – Mt. Auburn
Tue April 3: McMillan Street Steps (SW) – Mt. Auburn
Wed April 4: Broadway Street Steps – Mt. Auburn/Prospect Hill
Thu April 5: Van Buren Street Steps – Walnut Hills
Fri April 6: Wilkinson Street Steps – Walnut Hills
Sat April 7: SiOS IV (St. Joe Street)
Sun April 8: Bless Avenue Steps – Camp Washington

Mon April 9th: Josephine Street Steps – Mt. Auburn
Tue April 10th: McMillan Street Steps (SE) – Walnut Hills
Wed April 11th: Gage Street Steps – Mt. Auburn
Thu April 12th: Stanton Avenue Steps – Avondale
Fri April 13th: Rush Street Steps – CUF
Sat April 14th: SiOS V (Peete Alley) [mostly rained out]

Tue April 17th: McMillan Street Steps (NE) – Walnut Hills
Wed April 18th: Sharp Alley Steps – Over-the-Rhine
Fri April 20th: Nixon Street Steps; Glendora Street Steps – Corryville
Sun April 22nd: Glenmary Avenue Steps; Bishop Street Steps; Unnamed Alley Steps – Clifton; CUF

Mon April 23rd: Bates Avenue Steps – Cliton
Tue April 24th: McMillan Street Steps (NW) – Mt. Auburn
Wed April 25th: Borrman Street Steps – Avondale
Thu April 26th: Frintz Street Steps – Over-the-Rhine
Fri April 27th: Hiram Street Steps – Over-the-Rhine
Sun April 29th: SiOS V Redux (Peete Alley)

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