Spring in Our Steps

Enhancing community connections in Cincinnati, by reclaiming alleys, sidewalks, and steps for the pedestrian.

Springing back from Stepping Up in April

All hands on deck

Our sincerest apologies for the long hiatus on the blog. Much of our energy was spent cleaning hillside staircases, organizing weekly weekend cleanups, and focusing on the Facebook page. We certainly don’t want to forget about all of you who have supported us away from Facebook. So, we promise to have a stronger presence on the blog, as we have finally gained our footing and identified our trajectory.

April was quite a month for us. To summarize, we had three large alley cleanups, one neighborhood sweep  for the Great American Cleanup, and 25 total hillside staircase cleanups throughout the month.

  • April 7th: St. Joe Street (“Spring in Our Steps IV”)
  • April 14th: Peete Alley (“Spring in Our Steps V”) [mostly rained out]
  • April 21st: Great American Cleanup – Clifton neighborhood
  • April 29th: Peete Alley (“Spring in Our Steps V Redux”)

My own work commitments outside of Spring in Our Steps, and our efforts to plan future courses of action, caused our presence to wane for a short while. May 4th-6th was Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon weekend, during which I and the Green Team Grunts managed waste disposal, and sorted throughout recycling and trash receptacles throughout the event. The following weekend was for recovery and spending time with the mothers of the world. It appears that last weekend was reserved for leisure. Our Great American Cleanup project activity was focused on our own neighborhood of Clifton. A return to Peete Alley occurred on Sunday the 29th.

As a part of our/my ambitious goal named Stepping Up in April!, we cleaned up 25 out of an intended 30 hillside staircases in 30 days. Needless to say, that much away from home presents the inevitable return to clean up the mess. But I am proud of what we accomplished in April 2012, a long overdue gift to the City of Cincinnati, after having lived here since 1987.

As I have promised many people, since the beginning of April, we will have wonderful photographic and cartographic proof of all our past endeavors. For the sake of bringing you up to speed, thanks to our hiatus, we have the following content in the works for you, over the next couple weeks:

  • A photo array of before and after shots of each Stepping Up in April hillside staircase. A separate tab listing each cleanup will appear on the menu bar, later this week.
  • Regional map overlaid with the alley and staircase projects we have completed.
  • A proper recap of the April 7th St. Joe Cleanup and our April 29th Peete Alley cleanup, our best efforts yet!
  • A print and online feature in The Cincinnati Enquirer *should* be out toward the beginning of June. We were interviewed earlier this month.
  • As a part of the Cincinnati Streetfilms Film Fest, we will be shooting footage for our own video submission, this weekend during the May 26th St. Joe Street cleanup. It will be both a symbol of the incredible progress everyone has made thus far, and will serve as a wonderful promotional piece as to what Spring in Our Steps is all about.

We hope that you feel you’ve been made abreast of all our dealings, and plan to keep you up-to-date with some very exciting plans on the horizon.

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"Stuck in the middle of this, don't know if I'm gonna make it" summarizes my internal composition at most points along my personal timeline. Sometimes, more than a little skin must be shed, in order to ensure resilience toward life's perils and mediocrity. This is where things get good.

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